Welcome to PRE-EMPT for ProjectsTM

The Hazard Mitigation and Resilience checklist for projects

The PRE-EMPT toolkit is a project focused tool that will help key decision makers in the UK to systematically embed hazard mitigation and resilience considerations into new and existing developments.

This non-commercial web-based tool, developed by Loughborough University, will guide you towards an appropriate approach to be taken for any project that is at risk of a range of hazards. By considering processes such as risk assessment and raising awareness of the implications of identified hazards, this web-based tool helps decision makers to take the first step towards choosing a project design and construction strategy.

This open access tool has been designed for a wide range of users (i.e. technical/project managers, risk assessors, designers, chief engineers) and in a way that recommendations can be produced within a short period of time and will deliver a project-specific 'Action Plan' for clients or other interested parties to demonstrate that hazard mitigation and risk management options have been considered on your project.

For further information please download the 'PRE-EMPT for Projects' User Guide or visit the 'More Info' page.


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